About Us

We began our company in 2020 with a primary goal of delivering quality products and services to our valued customers. Hexitronics Automation LLP was started mainly to address Industrial Automation requirements and to facilitate the ease of transforming manual processes into Automatic processes ongoing in any industry assuring streamline production without any hassle using the cutting edge technology.
Meanwhile, we reached the milestone of cracking IoT technology after putting lots of efforts . The journey was quite difficult,and full of risks but we made it possible by installing our very first IoT device in education sector . Now We have excelled in building products indigeneously at our firm with remarkable work. We design and develop IoT devices with in-house solutions and fulfil the need of technology be it electrical, mechanical, electronics, IT or any other sector. We have professionals working on embedded engineering, IT, PCB artwork design in PCB design software till final PCB production. Enclosure designs for IoT DEVICE IS custom built with AUTOCAD and SOLID WORKS . We, have a suitable setup to perform System integration, testing and quality checks for signal integrity and noise immunity. EMI/EMC qualification, shock and vibration qualification, other required standard checks are performed under strict supervision of experts.
The backbone of any IoT device is it’s CLOUD. We have indigeneously setup our CLOUD. This makes us stand out amongst other IoT tech giants. We have eliminated any third party interference causing losses in production or supply line. And that’s how we provide in time delivery of our product. We have expertise in full stack engineering. Our engineers implement their own protocols to ensure data security and cofidentiality. But, that does not mean that we do not support most common and popular protocols like MQTT. Our devices support HEXCLOUD (our own cloud) along with MQTT, Microsoft Azure, AWS, ThingSpeaks, Blynk any other known protocols and Platforms. How? Customers can configure our IoT products with just a smart phone at the site to our IoT products can be configured/re-configures by the customers at the site. Just with the help of a Smart phone, anybody can re-configure the device to connect to any cloud. Again this capability of re-configuration at the field is making us proud and strong competitor amongst others.

For the ease of installation of IoT product, by our customers, we design and ship all devices with their unique and creative dashboards. We are feasible at cloud services according to our customer needs, as one can choose between our cloud i.e. HEXCLOUD (recommended for total and trusted system commissioning of IoT DEVICE )Or some other cloud from Azure, AWS etc. 

Soon we will be launching e-commerce web service, So happy to see you as our next valued customer .!!!

We recently witnessed a proud moment when I our company got the ISO certification. We are now ISO 9001: 2015 company.products

Features of our IoT products